Influencer marketing is a successful marketing strategy to benefit from the influence and reach of key opinion leaders and multipliers. Influencer marketing brings opinion leaders together with brands and companies to generate positive image, reach and brand awareness.

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For successful influencer marketing, it is important to find the right influencers that authentically promote the brand and product. The influencers and the company agree in advance on a common direction. With the appropriate videos, posts, stories or testimonials, the influencers ensure an increase in awareness and attention.


Thus, many areas of the most diverse industries can be implemented. Therefore, influencer marketing is suitable for many industries and companies.

For long established companies, this is an opportunity to increase brand awareness and reach through social media channels.

Influencers can also pave the way for young start-ups in brand building.


Gain reach with your own accounts by linking the influencers.

Lead generation

Leadgenerierung und Sales-Lead generation and sales conversion based on strong campaigns.


Strengthening of brand awareness and development of new target groups.

Brand ambassadors

Influencers send a brand message in an authentic and unique way.

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What are the benefits of cooperation between companies and influencers?

With the right campaign, both sides benefit from the cooperation. Influencers tell exciting stories, provide content and expand their followers and community. Companies gain reach, attention and authentically stage their brand.


The costs of an influencer marketing campaign can be framed within a pre-determined budget. The budget of a campaign is always in relation to the objectives, scope and resources of an influencer campaign.

We will be happy to create a tailor-made concept for you on the basis of a free initial consultation, in which the costs incurred in your case will be shown.

Quality assurance

During an ongoing campaign, quality assurance is a central component of cooperation. 


The progress of the campaign is also monitored for transparent and tangible results.

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