10 Top Social Media Tips For This Summer


10 Top tips to Keep your brand in the headlights this summer


Don’t stop your social media marketing during the summer vacation period. People still check their social channels even on vacation or staycation and they like to be entertained if they are to stay on your post or page. Here are 10 tips to ensure your social media remains sunny and relevant.


1. Pre-Planning

Plan your summer content well in advance. This gives ample time to create high-quality content, secure collaborations, and gather necessary resources.

2. Content Calendar

Use a content calendar to plot out your posts, campaigns, and themes throughout the summer. This helps ensure consistent posting and avoids last-minute scrambles.

3. Engage with Holidays & Events

There are several holidays and events during the summer and of course this will vary from country to country. Can you tap into local or national occasions and events to increase relevance and engagement?

4. Pre-Schedule Posts

Utilize the integrated pre-planning tools to schedule your posts. This is especially useful when you or your team are on vacation. No excuse for gaps!

5. Interactive Content

Use live streams, Q&A sessions, or AMAs (Ask Me Anything) to engage with your audience in real-time. Live content can be spontaneous and can fit well with the casual summer vibe. But again, it has to be relevant.

6. Monitor Trends

Summer often brings with it new and emerging trends. Stay updated and find creative ways to incorporate trending topics into your content. But the key thing is to be relevant so find your hook.

7. Automate Engagement

You can automate messenger responses on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. This ensures that potential customers receive immediate responses even if you’re less active during the break.

8. Feedback Loops

Encourage feedback on your content. This can be done through polls, comments, or direct messages. It helps you understand what your audience wants more of and can guide your content creation process.

9. Review and Iterate

At the end of the summer, take time to review all your activity. Which posts had the most engagement? Which campaigns flopped? Learn from both successes and failures to refine your strategy for the next season or year.

10. Vacation Greetings

Create a nice picture during your vacation to send greetings via social media to your followers/ fans / customers.


Remember, social media during the summer is all about striking a balance between staying active and recognizing that your audience might be in vacation mode. Keeping the content light, relevant, and engaging, while ensuring you’re organized behind the scenes, will set you up for a summer of success.

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