Google marketing is one of the most effective digital advertisements. More than 90% of all search queries are started via Google: from searching for a company name to searching for products, services, opening hours or contact possibilities.

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Why Google-Marketing 

Google Marketing is a versatile tool that allows online campaigns to be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. With Google Ads the search engine offers all possibilities to place advertisements on its pages. For companies, Google Marketing is a strong addition to existing marketing instruments.


Advertisers can place ads on Google that are linked to their own website. Ads are placed above the search results. The placement is free of charge. Costs only arise from clicks on the ad.

The price per click is based on the popularity of the search terms, the so-called keywords. Popular and frequently entered keywords can cost several euros per click. The price per click can be reduced by word combinations and variations. Keywords can be bid for at cent prices.

Real clients

Customers use Google as a starting point for their purchase decision.


Google marketing is more targeted and effective than traditional advertising.

Genuine interest

Google connects users with concrete questions about information, solutions and products.


Cross-national and cross-language campaigns can be realised with just a few clicks.

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In order to market products and services, active Google marketing is an ideal instrument for achieving sales targets quickly and measurably.

What does Google-Maketing cost?


Google marketing avoids wastage by placing campaigns defined by target groups. 

Marketing budgets can thus be reliably planned.
In addition, each campaign can be individually designed. Active Google Marketing is scalable and offers extensive design options.

Google marketing is the instrument for turnover and growth.

Search engine advertisement

Google marketing is the most relevant form of search engine advertising worldwide.

Target-group specific

Companies have every opportunity to control campaigns in a target group-specific manner.

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