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Youtube marketing is the use of Youtube as an advertising platform and represents a mixture of content marketing, affiliate marketing and classic advertising in the form of banners and videos.

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Of course you can produce classic commercials and have them played in-stream, i.e. before a video. Or you can use in-display ads that draw attention to your channel.

.Youtube is the largest video platform on the Internet. It is more than just a trend for young people. Google’s video platform has long since overtaken classic one-dimensional television.


YouTube is becoming increasingly important as a social media platform in the digital mix of companies.


Video as a content type thus becomes one of the most important components of a successful content marketing strategy.

Reach people

The channel achieves high reach and is ideal for interaction with other channels and your own website.

Make a difference

Today it is the most efficient way to create reach and move people.

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With Youtube marketing you can reach your target group exactly. With an optimised channel, you get loyal followers and therefore loyal customers.

Customers who are always happy to buy from you and also recommend you to others. This increases your authenticity and leads to a positive perception of your brand. It is also cost-effective and can be implemented with little technical effort.

And best of all: You receive direct free feedback from your followers and good statistics through Google Analytics. So your success is always measurable.

Start now

There are many good reasons for using YouTube marketing. The video platform provides you with all kinds of tools. And completely free of charge. Your target group is already there and waiting for you. And a subscription means a long-term commitment to a channel. These are your future loyal customers, who do not buy from you by chance, but out of conviction. And these are among the best advertising media. Recommendations are the key to long-term success.

What do you wish to achieve?

Would you like to win new customer groups? Do you want to increase your reach? Do you want your company, your brand or your products to become better known?

No matter what your goal is. Set one and regularly compare it with what you have achieved. This is the only way to guarantee long-term success.

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.Generate real reach for your business, products and services – in one of the largest and most influential social networks.

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